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Display Monitors for Advertising – Digital Marketing Screens w/ Content Management Options

Digital Advertising Monitors for Commercial Displays with Single, Double, or Video Wall Options

Are you looking for the right digital signage solution to promote events, sales, or entertain guests in your place of business? Our commercial advertising monitors are a vital marketing tool for any organization, and many of our options are built with. Integrated media players for dynamic presentations. Restaurants, retail stores, convention centers, and virtually any business environment can benefit from digital bulletin boards, televisions, and electronic marketing methods. Our commercial advertising monitors are offered in a variety of sizes to fit any space presenting messaging, menus, and entertainment. Our LED flat screens provide full 1080p resolution in widescreen format so customers can read your ads and promotional material with ease. We carry commercial advertising monitors designed for either indoor or outdoor use, as well as countertop or wall mounts to create diverse digital advertising bulletin boards. For larger entertainment systems, ideal for shopping centers and restaurants, check out our line of video walls for multi-screen displays.

These digital LED displays are commonly used in restaurants and other retail locations.

What makes our digital LED signage ideal for professional use?

  • Commercial advertising monitors are designed for continuous usage in high traffic areas, maintaining a quality image 24/7. Each television is protected with a tempered glass screen, is designed with rugged housings, and hard surface coatings to ensure each unit withstands wear and tear.
  • Each indoor or outdoor advertising monitor comes with a 2 or 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty on parts and labor. Industry standard is a traditional 90 day or one year warranty when you buy from a big box store. This means that you are covered in the case of malfunction, giving you more time to focus on running your business.
  • Digital bulletin board setup is quick and simple with out-of-the-box functionality. Some models include a built-in multi-media player, giving users the freedom to design their own content and upload via USB. Others come with SuperSign software, which offers customers pre-designed templates ready to promote their business. For units without media players, we carry streamers and players to add the functionality you need!

Uploading new content to these digital marketing screens is incredibly simple with USB compatibility. Upload ads, videos, or static images to support your business’ promotions via thumb drive to the integrated media player. Run custom, self-made or templated, marketing material for specific sales or events. Create eye-catching displays in any industry to showcase product catalogs, maps, or live entertainment. Digital advertising monitors save companies money by reducing the cost of printed marketing materials, and provide customers with visually engaging content.

Where can we use these electronic marketing displays?

  • Indoor digital screens are designed for prolonged use and feature an appealing design for business environments. Use these models in restaurants, bars, or convention centers to promote products, stream entertainment, or direct your guest. Give customers a focal point to share event news and business information.
  • Outdoor digital marketing monitors are specifically designed to withstand various weather conditions. These ultra-bright flat screens have superior picture quality in direct sunlight, making it easier for guests to view. Each screen is protected by durable safety glass as well, reducing the risk of physical or elemental damage in outdoor environments.
  • Video wall bundles, also known as digital bulletin boards, supported by 11Giraffes solid state video players, are designed to create dynamic and visually dominant indoor entertainment systems. These options feature (4) separate 49” or 55” LED screens affixed to mounting brackets with a pop-out capabilities. Incorporate a video wall system into your business to place highly-visible promotional content in front of your customers!

Digital marketing monitors for entertainment and marketing material help show product lines and inform customers of upcoming sales in retail stores. Restaurants use these flat screens to display menu items and video for their patrons. Large scale organizations such as hotels and convention centers also find these units useful, incorporating them into their wayfinding solutions. For more engaging displays, Displays2go carries interactive display screens to suit the needs of your business. Use digital marketing as a way to interact and share information with your customers and improve guest experience.

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