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Tablet & iPad Charging Stations for Multiple Devices Including Phones

Comfort, Convenience and Connectivity.

Closeup of a mobile iPad charge cart filled with tablets

Tablet, Phone, & iPad Charging Stations - Universal Ports with Lockable and Portable Options

With their prevalent use in today's lifestyle, the importance providing customers with a secure and convinient way to charge their mobile devices is a must. Our tablet & iPad charging station can store and charge multiple tablets, laptops, or phones at once from a centralized hub, with many models including custom graphics to boost brand awareness. We sell a number of different styles designed for specific applications, whether that be a floor standing model ideal for large events or shopping centers where customers will stay with their device, lockers that they can come back to, or fixtures with prootional material. Public wall mounts and floor stands are more geared to the casual customer visiting your establishment. Offering a free power connection for their phones provides added convenience for shoppers. Tablet & iPad charging stations also give them a convinient luxury that they will remember, especially if their battery had been running low through their day. Carts and racks are designed primarily for tablet use in business or corporate settings, allowing IT departments to consolodate devices at the end of the day and charge them in one location. These charging stations can accommodate a great many iPads, and are available in rolling trolleys or as tabletop models. Some aslo come with secure locking options, so customers can leave their devices behind while protected under lock and key to come back to later. These are perfect for storing a classroom's tablets, or those of a retail sales team.

What other features do these electronic docking terminals have to offer?
  • Tablet & iPad charging stations store the largest amount of devices. All portable carts feature built-in power strips that easily charge multiple devices at the same time. Swing open doors provide easy access while the cabinets dissipate heat via the wall vents. In some cases, especially in schools, tablets need to be transported from room to room. Rolling casters make this task a simple one. Additional cart features include convenient push bars and flat top space for holding sign-out clipboards or text books. If security is a concern, opt for a locking cabinet to protect your valuable investment. For touch screen devices that are not shared with other groups or rooms, try a multiple unit docking station that sits on desktops or counters. For more information, please read our Laptop & Tablet Charging Station Buying Guide.
  • Floor standing phone charging terminals are something else entirely. Intended for use by the public, these handy docks provide a service to anyone needing a boost. When you think about it, this can be just about anywhere! Commonly seen in shopping malls, large retail stores, airports, and trade shows — the list goes on and on. Our stations feature Apple® Lightning and micro-USB cables for attaching the lion's share of portable devices. We offer floor-standing kiosks with convenient shelves to use while you wait. Some models even come with poster frames that not only announce the free service but also call attention to promotions, sales, and events. Also available are wall mounted docks that provide much of the same features (minus the shelves). The main difference between a floor stand and a wall rack is visibility. The most exposure is gained through floor stands due to their strategic placement. A wall station is fixed, and therefore more limited.
Public phone charging stand with convenient shelf

From a marketing standpoint, phone charging stands can do many things at once. They are a magnet for people in public spaces, and "spending money" comes along with them. It makes for good business practice to place these stands in retail establishments as a way to get customers in the door. People are exposed to merchandise without even realizing it. You, the business owner, are simply offering a courtesy while you target potential customers.

On the other hand, providing an entire room of students with tablets, laptops, or Chromebooks can be very creative in today's educational environment. Teachers are finally free to try out different apps and visual aids to guide lessons. Educators can also create slideshows to play on the tablet to accompany a lesson plan, thereby helping students who are visual learners. So why is the tablet cart so important to this style of teaching and learning? While many schools now provide iPads to students, the devices can still be a pain to transfer from classroom to classroom. Additionally, keeping them fully charged is important but takes some time. Use these Luxor and Bretford charging cabinets to transport and charge tablets between uses, making them all the more accessible to teachers and staff! Schools are not the only place to benefit from these high tech storage cabinets. You’ll likely find a tablet storage cart in hospitals, business offices, government buildings, and medical labs. As with any new technology, using it safely is important. Spending a prolonged amount of time in front of a touchscreen comes with ergonomic risks. Read more about tablet safety here.

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