Charging Carts

Charging Carts & Trolleys for Laptops, Tablets & Other Devices

Use these charging carts and trolleys in any school, office, hospital, or lobby environment. Essentially any location that uses laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks in bulk would benefit from these awesome chargers! Keep the carts in the IT department or storage closet until you need them and then wheel them into your classroom or office stocked with fully charged devices ready to be used!

Important Features:

You can power up to 40 devices at once in these charging carts thanks to integrated power management. Plus, users only need access to one external electrical source to keep the whole cabinet powered up. For added safety, these commercial charging carts feature ventilated sides. This stops the trolleys from overheating and frying the devices inside. With locking wheels on most models, users can either keep the fixture stationary in one location or roll it around from room to room depending, on need. For public locations, each charging cart also features a locking door, so no need to worry about the security of your school’s iPads or your offices’ Chromebooks when you’re not around. The charging trolley has durable steel doors that are built with traditional or combination locks to keep your technology safe. Other industrial models include LED light sensors to show when a device’s battery is full. This cool feature takes the guess work out of the process: just look inside the cabinet and you can tell at a glance what’s charged and what’s not!

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