Reception Desks for Office Check-In

Reception Desks for Salons, Medical, and Executive Offices

When a customer walks into a business or office space their first impression has a lot to do with how the lobby is furnished and decorated. One of the largest and most important pieces of furniture in this area is the reception desk. Grab the customers' attention by having a bold, high quality piece of furniture that will really make an impression when they first walk through the door. This item of furniture also makes it clear to guests where they should check in when they first arrive, helping to avoid any uncomfortable wandering or asking for directions. Because your reception desk is one of the first things guests see when they enter your office, you want a workstation that will professionally represent your organization and provide an efficient workstation for the employee that mans it. Depending on the size and scope of your business, your needs for reception desks may vary. Luckily, at Displays2go we have a wide range of lobby fixtures to fit any setting, from the modern corporate startup to a small dentist’s office.

Our L-shaped reception desks represent a classic and functional design. With a wide workspace, employees have more than enough room for their desktop computer, printer, papers, folders, books, and the like! Two sets of drawers provide even more room for storage. However, what truly makes these desks reception worthy is the top ledge for customers to use for writing checks, signing forms, or resting their wallets. Similarly, curved reception desks are popular because they add character and a modern feel to a waiting room, while still providing the customer writing-ledge and ample workspace that L-shaped desks feature.

If you’re looking to add a little more flair to your reception area, we have the solution for you! One way to customize your secretarial desk is to add a custom graphic panel and standoff hardware. Businesses like salons, advertising agencies, and specialty retailers love our custom lobby desks. Full color, custom UV graphic panel attachments give your front desk a clean, modern look that will reinforce your company's branding. Choose any text, logo, high res image, or design to be printed on clear acrylic panels to attach to your desk! The best part? The custom panels aren’t permanent, meaning you can swap them out as your change your branding, marketing campaigns, or office décor!

Our quality reception desks are perfect for hair salons, medical organizations, and executive offices. Plus, matching wood type, and size to your existing business décor is easy when purchasing from Displays2go. Available colors include black, white, mahogany, oak, and cherry! With such a huge selection, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of furniture to fit your business.

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