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Commercial Grade Tables for Offices, Restaurants, and Schools

Height adjustable storeage desk

Looking for the perfect counters for working, dining, and learning? Our commercial grade business tables are offered in a number of styles to fit any professional setting. Whether they're accommodating employees, students, or patrons, our high quality fixtures are made to last. This selection of commercial grade business tables includes units with adjustable and ergonomic designs so users are comfortable and productive. Browse our catalog of interior furniture for both contemporary and traditional designs. These commercial grade business tables also include trade show countertops to create effective presentations at events.

What types of professional facility counters are offered here?
  • Of the commercial grade business tables that we offer, our office desks are the best for creating a productive workstation for employees. This includes height adjustable units that switch positions with ease. Provide a healthy work environment for employees with these ergonomic desks and chairs for sitting, standing, and kneeling. Our catalog includes counters with monitor mounts and computer shelves to accommodate all of an employee's electronics whether they're in the office or in a hospital. We also sell reception desks to complete your lobby with welcoming, professional furniture.
  • Our folding business tables are excellent for traveling to events like trade shows and expositions. These portable countertops help companies create enticing presentations by featuring their promotional materials and product samples. Offered in both rectangular and round designs, the fixtures can also be used for dining events that require quick setup and breakdown. These folding business tables have a sturdy construction but feature a plain white finish. Shop our tablecloths and trade show supplies if you want to build an eye catching booth.
  • Training table with whiteboard top
  • Training tables are a popular choice for both schools and offices. These desktops have a simple fabrication that makes it easy for students and employees to get work done. In classrooms, they easily line up for teaching classes but they can be moved into circles for group activities and presentations. Many of these training tabletops have a surface that flips up to facilitate storage, while others have a whiteboard top for write-on messages. Shop our selection of round and rectangular fixtures in a number of finishes.
  • Looking for workstations with more privacy? We offer carrels that are great for both studying and working. This is the perfect institutional furniture for schools, libraries, and offices. Each workstation has a wall on each side to let the user work in privacy. This also makes them ideal for polling places for elections. These carrels come in two designs – "starter" and "adder" units for creating rows of fixtures without using excessive materials.
  • We offer cocktail tables, or highboys, that are excellent for restaurants and bars. These banquet counters are constructed with a modern appearance and feature a lightweight design. Move them around your establishment, bring them to events, or store them with ease! Many of these models are height adjustable to accommodate different types of seating.
  • Use charging tables to accommodate patrons with electronic devices. This furniture is great for the modern age where everyone has a phone or tablet. Most of these recharging units include an area for advertising, making for a great opportunity to promote your brand while offering a free service. Place charging stations in malls, airports, event venues, universities and other high traffic areas where busy people will need to power their phone.

Why order on We offer numerous designs and finishes to satisfy any company looking to thrive with effective furnishings. Browse our wide variety of tabletops that are made with durable materials and attractive colors — both modern and traditional. We offer strong interior furniture that will last for years, even in high traffic environments like schools, stores, and offices. Need to get your products ASAP? We offer same day shipping most items and fast shipping on the rest. Order in bulk for reduced pricing on wholesale orders as well.

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