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Study Carrels

Study Carrels - Privacy Desks for Libraries & Schools

Study carrels are the perfect furniture for schools, universities, libraries, offices, and town halls for elections. The reason these fixtures are so ideal for these locations is because they provide so much privacy! The tall side walls make carrel desks the best for uninterrupted studying, testing, or completing election ballots. No matter how crowded or large an establishment may be, when you’re working in this private area those noise and distractions will fade away, leaving you to concentrate on the matter at hand, whatever it may be!

What are Carrels?

No, these aren’t the holiday tunes people sing at your door… A carrel is defined as “a small desk featuring high sides meant to visually isolate its user from any surroundings either partially or totally.” So what does that mean for the user? Enhanced privacy and concentration!

Of course all of our study carrels come with raised sides, but what other helpful features do they include? A feature that we wanted to make sure our study carrels had was the ability to adjust the height. The adjustable legs give our customers the ability to use each carrel with a chair, stool, or office seat. Some of the private kiosk desks also include features like storage shelving and cable management grommets. Plus, the carrels are constructed with a wood laminate finish to match any other business or organization furniture.

Where are Carrels Used?

Polling Stations: Voting carrels are using in polling locations to provide voters with privacy as they cast their ballots.

Schools: School carrels are ideal for computer labs, classrooms, and areas where standardized testing is taking place. The desks’ raised sides prevents wandering eyes or cheating and keeps students concentrated.

Libraries: Library carrels are great in both educational and public environments. They provide privacy as library visitors read books, use the computers, or study.

Offices: Carrel desks in offices are a great option when you don’t have quite enough room for full cubicles, but still want to provide a private place for your employees to work!

Shop our selection of these great furnishings today to start outfitting your school, office, or voting booth! Our customer care team is always available to answer any questions you may have about our product line, or provide recommendations based on your unique needs.

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