Metal TV Stands

Metal TV Stands Securely and Prominently Display Monitors of Any Size

Metal TV stands, cast from steel or aluminum, give you the durability and economy you need without sacrificing appearance and design. While a metallic TV stand would be a great alternative when furnishing a modern apartment or home, where they really shine is in commercial use. An industrial TV stand can be relocated from room to room in a hospital, or easily wheeled into a trade show. They can tolerate being packed on a truck and brought to convention centers for large tech conferences, video game competitions, or brought to a production studio without overworrying about fragility. It seems today there is no shortage of uses for a digital monitor to display videos, communicate data, and entertain patrons. They are particularly useful when delivering presentations in the corporate environment, because they can support media devices in small conference rooms and boardrooms at a desired height and angle. Restaurants, doctors’ offices, hotels and theme parks use tall flat panel stands to support computer terminals or media displays in various locations. A steel tv stand with mount commonly functions as a marketing display, informational display or provides entertainment in lobbies and waiting rooms. Between a lustrous satin silver finish, or a sleek black design, each metal TV unit affords a modern and technical look that integrates into any business environment, either behind the scenes, or for customers to interact with.

Metal TV stands come in a lot of shapes and styles, but making a choice is not as intimidating as it may first seem. If you think about some of the features you need, the size of the monitor(s) it needs to support and the general design you like, you can narrow down your choices and simplify your decision. Here are a couple things to think about:

How many monitors should it support, and how large are the screens?
Metal TV floor mounts can hold more than one monitor. There are many industrial uses for a dual monitor metal stand, and side by side or stacked screens can be a great option for extending a desktop, mounting 2 interactive terminals, or feeding different streams of video graphics into each screen. Each metal TV stand can generally support a wide range of sizes, so even if there are plans to get a different size monitor in the future, the stand may still support the new size. VESA compatibility references the standardized distance between the mounting holes. Each metal TV stand provides VESA compatibility figures you can match to your monitor.

What should it support besides monitors, and should it be portable?
Metal monitor display stands often need to hold hardware and peripherals in addition to the monitor itself. If the monitors are being fed by a computing device like a laptop, it should have a shelf to hold the computer below the monitor so an additional stand or table is not needed. Same goes for blu-ray players, PCs, video game consoles, speakers or other AV equipment. Metal TV stands can have multiple shelves to hold an assortment of devices, along with cable wires for easy hookups. Platforms can also be used to display literature underneath the TV during a convention or trade show. They can also have locking cabinets to secure valuable devices at events for extra safety. Also consider whether or not the metal stand should have wheels. If the stand will need to be easily mobile, perhaps at a convention, or for hassle-free repositioning in the office, then choose a rolling unit with casters that you can lock into place when you reach your desired location.

Should the bracket tilt, pan or articulate?
The arms and brackets that attach the monitor to the metal stand are built with mechanics that afford tilting, rotating and articulated ranges of motion to provide an optimal viewing angle. A tilting bracket means that the TV can be moved to face upwards to the ceiling or downwards to the floor. A rotating bracket means the TV can be switched from a portrait to landscape orientation without removing the TV from the stand. Articulating metal TV stands allow a full range of motion, and can be tilted both up and down, or side to side. The purpose and desired use of the TV floor stands will determine which bracket type is most appropriate.

These industrial metal TV stands ship unassembled for affordability but are simple to assemble upon receiving. Fashioned from bushed, rust-proof aluminum or steel for a rugged yet lightweight and compact construction, many of them are easy to take down, break down, and fit into a carrying pack for easy storage and portability. They can either have a slim body or a wider, stylish, truss design. Many of the stands are height-adjustable and can be raised or lowered as needed. Choose from stands that can display monitors from as low as 4 feet off the ground to as high as 7 feet or more! They can fit some of the largest monitors currently on the market, even up to 84" or larger, and hold up to 175 lbs. These options allow for prominent display of almost any LED, LCD and Plasma monitor for every imaginable commercial purpose.

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