Social Distancing Decals Promote Safety and Public Health For Essential Business

Safe Social Distancing Floor, Window, and Tabletop Decals Help Stop the Spread of Disease

Do you own or manage a socially responsible essential business looking to adhere to public health and safety guidelines? Our line of social distancing decals has been a tremendous help to family-owned and big box stores who remain open through strict shutdown rules. Choose from coroplast or adhesive vinyl signage to remind your customers or patrons to stay a safe distance apart in order to help combat the spread of infectious disease or other viruses, especially during cold and flu season. Our pre-printed social distancing decals feature clear public health messaging coupled with bright, vibrant background colors that are sure to catch the eye of passersby. Place vinyl stickers on the floor at check out or curbside to direct foot traffic and manage customer spacing while they wait in line. Among our social distancing decals, window clings are an especially great options for restaurants who need to direct customers for curbside pick-up locations for takeout orders. Other signage options guide customers through specific entryways of store aisles, ideally allowing better flow as they shop without crossing paths with too many others.

What Kinds of Social Distancing Decals are Available?
  • Wall and window signage is designed with coroplast or vinyl cling material, which is durable in high-traffic areas and maintains its color when left in direct sunlight. Inform your customers that your business is being socially responsible, and encourage them to do the same as they shop. These options are great as a reminder or to direct customers to curbside pick-up locations. Coroplast signage can be hung or placed on any wall to deliver physical distance messaging wherever it is needed most.
  • Safe distance floor signs are made from durable vinyl and specifically designed to endure frequent foot traffic without wear and tear. Place these social distancing decals at the entryway of each aisle to direct your customers, to space lines, or to give patrons waiting outside to enter a clear place to stand. While some of our floor signs have public safety messaging pre-printed on them, others are more simple and show directional arrows to guide your guest with ease.
  • Tabletop signage helps restaurants and bars section off areas, reminding customers that they should not be sitting down at the tables in order to follow safe public health guidelines. We offer these distancing decals with English, Spanish, and bilingual options to keep everyone up-to-date on the status of your dining room. Safe distance table stickers do a great job on a larger scale such as on cafeteria benches to mark the proper space that should be given between each seat.

Safe distancing decals are an essential tool for any business that remains open through this public health crisis. It is vital to ensure that your customers feel secure and well cared for whilst frequenting your restaurant, retail or grocery store. Our distancing decals are pre-printed, with many bilingual options, and designed to last for months in the most frequented areas of your store. Bold, vibrant, and professionally made, these stickers and signs will not only tell customers that you are socially responsible enough to value their safety, but will deliver your message in a clear and succinct way. Shop Displays2go for a wide variety of public safety supplies and properly equip yourself with the tools necessary to thrive during this time. With proper care and attention to to detail, businesses can safely open while continuing to help protect our communities and ease people's minds.

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