Workplace Health and Safety Supplies Protect Employees and Customers

Health and Safety Supplies for Workplaces with High Visibility Messaging

No matter the business or industry, it's important to create a safe environment for employees. These workplace health and safety supplies increase awareness in work areas, alerting workers and customers to hazards in the area. Our catalog includes parking lot signs, brightly colored floor decals, and a wide variety of crowd control solutions. We offer workplace health and safety supplies that direct both foot and vehicle traffic to their intended destinations. Our catalog includes fixtures with a wide variety of pre-printed messages, featuring bold colors and high visibility designs. The workplace health and safety supplies here will help ensure that employees have a safe and productive workday.

What types of fixtures for occupational well-being do we offer?
  • Our workplace health and safety supplies include sturdy commercial step stools. These stepping stands are compact and portable, yet they can safely support 330 lbs. or more. Browse step stools with non-slip top surfaces with stair or retractable wheel options.
  • Pre-printed signage such as our parking lot signs and floor decals are great for delivering high priority information. Messaging like "Do Not Enter" and "Warning High Voltage" are clearly displayed in bright bold colors to grab the attention of employees and other passersby. Our floor stickers can also point people toward emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and alarms.
  • Bollards are essential workplace safety supplies for businesses that need to create vehicle-free zones. These strong posts have a heavy-duty steel construction to prevent cars and trucks from endangering pedestrians. Add some signage with our bollard covers, available as polyester sleeves or Coroplast® signboards.
  • Crowd control is another important aspect of ensuring occupational well-being. Our steel pedestrian barricades are great for defining areas at big events and keeping unauthorized people out of construction zones. These barriers feature an interlocking design to completely surround worksites and can be angled to create desired shapes. Choose our collapsible security gate model with wheels for its ease of storage and transportation.
  • Belt stanchions are ideal workplace safety supplies for indoor environments. These feature a more aesthetically pleasing design for crowd control and can be great for getting customers to form lines. Alternatively, place them in front of doorways to restrict access during specific times and events.
  • Our security stanchions also feature retractable belts, but their bright yellow and black color schemes are suited for keeping people away from hazards. These can feature messages like "Authorized Access Only" and "Caution - Do Not Enter". We offer bold orange traffic cones with reflective bands to cordon off areas as well. These can also include a retractable belt to block off areas.
  • Outdoor barrier posts do a similar job, but their strong plastic construction is made for long term exterior use. Featuring a linked chain, these stanchions for outside also create inaccessible areas, and they can either stand on pavement or be planted into the ground with their ground spike base.

There are so many different safety supplies that can make employees safer in their line of work. The occupational fixtures shown here are mostly for warning people about environmental hazards and restricting access, but there are other ways to help workers. Keep floors dry with our commercial floor mats to prevent slipping and falling — a common danger in many lines of work. We also feature anti-fatigue flooring that makes it more comfortable for employees who are standing while working.

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