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Water-Proof Outdoor Frames with Snap Open Edges

Outdoor Snap Frames with Weather Resistant Designs

These poster holders, outdoor snap frames with snap edges will protect your artwork from weather damage. These outdoor frames feature weather stripping on the inside of the frame, resulting in a tight seal to prevent leakage. The weather stripping will also keep your posters in place. These outdoor frames, like our snap frames and poster holders, feature a clear overlay made from PVC plastic. The overlay protects your artwork from weather damage, and is also anti-glare. This way, the visibility of your posters and artwork is never hindered by sunlight.

These outdoor frames are optimal examples of simple-to-use poster holders. These outdoor frames also feature snap frame edges for quick sign changes. To change your posters, first snap open the bottom, then the two sides, and the top last. Place your graphic behind the clear overlay. Snap down the four sides in the reverse order (top, sides, bottom last). We supply these outdoor frames with the necessary mounting hardware: screws and wall anchors.

We sell a variety of outdoor frames and quick snap poster displays to choose from. Poster holders, picture frames, and other outdoor frames can all be found in our main sign holder category. Moreover outdoor frames and poster holders, we have many other display products to choose from. Browse our main shopping page to see our wide range of display products. Choose Displays2go for all of your display needs!

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