Aluminum Picture Frames For Portrait & Landscape Photos

Aluminum Picture & Poster Frames - Available with & without Mat Boards

Great for Office ArtThese aluminum picture frames are made from quality materials, and are featured in both silver and black finishes. Most of these photo displays can be hung either vertically or horizontally. Are these aluminum picture frames heavy? For the most part these metal photo displays are lightweight, rugged and will not damage a wall! This sleek, contemporary-styled aluminum picture frame will keep the viewer's focus on the message, whether pictures, artwork, printed posters, announcements, signs or notices are being displayed. These displays are suitable for both residential or commercial use. Often times these aluminum picture frames are seen in restaurants, waiting rooms, convention centers, retail stores, homes and offices. There are various sizes and types of framing units for sale here!

Wide Poster FrameThe best selling of all of the aluminum picture frames is the snap frame. The design of these holders allow for quick and simple photo changes. All four sides of the aluminum picture frame snap open making this a front-load display. Once the display has been mounted to the wall, there is no need to remove the entire frame from the wall. Simply snap open the sides of the aluminum picture frames, remove the lens and old sign, and replace with a new sign and lens and close the framing. Most of these snap poster holders can be hung either portrait or landscape due to the mounting hooks on the back of the units.

Black Aluminum FrameOne of the many other types of aluminum picture frames offered here are these slide-in metal photo displays. These metal photo holders come in several sizes and feature either a black or silver finish. Once these aluminum picture frames are mounted on the wall, there is no need to take the framing down to change the poster or photo. Simply slide the lens and old sign out through the slot at the top, and replace with the new signage by sliding downward. Banks and other financial institutions like to use these aluminum picture frames to highlight new services, rates, or even as a means of displaying the emergency evacuation route. There are also slide-in metal photo holders that feature a side slot for changing posters. These side access aluminum picture frames are offered in a couple of larger sizes, and only in a silver finish. Another great feature on these side access displays are the plastic clips located at the top of the framing. These plastic clips allow the user to suspend these aluminum picture frames from the ceiling, in areas where wall space is restricted. These poster holders are double-sided and feature two non-glare lenses.

Along with the huge selection of wall mount aluminum picture frames there is also an enormous selection of desktop photo holders. These desk top units are typically for smaller sized displays intended for home or office use. Among these aluminum picture frames are collage photo displays suitable for framing certificates and awards. Many of these holders are suitable to give as gifts for a wedding, anniversary or graduation. Choose from a wide selection of sizes, as well as holders with and without mats. Most of these displays are offered in black or silver finishes; two neutral tones that blend with most any décor or theme.

What type of lens is supplied with these metal photo displays?
  • Most of the poster displays shown here include a flexible plastic lens.
  • Where stated; some poster holders feature a non-glare lens to for better viewing.
  • Some of these enclosed style poster displays feature a rigid clear plastic lens.
What are some of the advantages to using these metal displays over wood or plastic?
  • Metal photo display holders are typically more rugged than their plastic counterparts.
  • Metal poster holders blend easily with existing décor, whereas wood frames need to be matched to any other existing wood fixtures.
  • For any further questions regarding any of the photo holders shown here contact a customer service specialist.

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