Digital Buying Guide: Top 4 Touch Screen Kiosks

Digital Buying Guide

Posted on 05, December, 2019

Last Modified on 09, May, 2023

Consumers expect more digital experiences in 2023, and businesses across all industries are adapting to the change by investing in dynamic digital displays. From self-service machines in retail to interactive trade show presentations, touch screen kiosks are popping up everywhere. Even small business owners are starting to implement productive and cost effective digital solutions to complement or replace their traditional signage.

These multimedia displays offer more intuitive and engaging experiences, and even allow businesses to collect consumer behavior data at scale. When choosing an interactive kiosk, it’s important to note that digital displays are not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are many options available on the market, and your choice depends on your content and your environment. In this guide, we’ll navigate the best digital kiosks from Displays2go, and help you decide which display is best for your business.

What is the difference between digital signage and digital kiosks?

Digital signage is any multimedia advertising display that can support images, video or audio. Most commonly, these displays come in the form of billboards, video walls or LCD screens, and present a single promotional video on a loop or several image ads in a slideshow.

A digital kiosk is a type of digital signage that features an interactive touch screen display. Most digital kiosks run on Android OS, which allows users to install any app from the Google Play Store, browse the web, or upload external software. All kiosks listed in this guide have plug-and-play functionality and WiFi connectivity to support custom apps and many content management systems.

What should I consider when purchasing an interactive display?

  • Size Matters: Touch screen kiosks range in size from 16” to 55” screens. You might think that bigger is better, but that isn’t always the case. The best size for your display depends on how you intend to use it. Smaller screens are best for private customer experiences like filling out a form or browsing a menu, while larger interfaces are better for more public displays like trade shows and interactive exhibits.
  • Orientation: Is your digital kiosk better when experienced in landscape or portrait orientation? Consider if your content is optimized for desktop or mobile, and if it’s easier to process from top to bottom or left to right. Studies show that when messages are viewed in landscape orientation, they are more likely to be recalled since the aspect ratio is more representative of our field of vision. Devices oriented vertically, however, mirrors our experience on mobile and works best for highly visual experiences.
  • Portability: Are you bringing your kiosk to a trade show or event? Think about how you’ll travel. If the display comes fully assembled, you may be able to repack it into its shipping container, but this isn’t always the most secure option. For frequent travel, you may prefer a compact and lightweight kiosk or a larger display that can break down into a convenient storage case.
  • Price: How much should you pay for a touch screen kiosk? An indoor self-service display can cost anywhere from $700 to $4,000. An outdoor-rated kiosk is more expensive, ranging from $10,000 to over $30,000. If you’re on a budget, you can easily find cost effective solutions under $2,000.

Best Overall: 55" Touch Screen Digital Poster Kiosk

10pt IR touch screen 55-inch advertising multimedia kiosk\ $3,199.99

55" Touch Screen Digital Poster Kiosk, 10pt IR Touch, Android 7.1 OS, Wheels - Black

This portrait digital kiosk tops the list for three reasons: it's easy-to-use, surprisingly portable, and is loaded with functionality. Businesses can also brand the body with a customized front panel, adding their own graphics and messaging.

Optional casters are included with the base to make it easier for users to wheel the digital totem from room to room. There’s even a fitted storage case sold separately for safely transporting to-and-from events, making this the best digital kiosk for trade shows. Power users are app developers and tech companies, who employ the 10pt multi touch screen to demo applications or mobile web experiences. If used as digital signage, the touch screen streamlines content management, allowing users to control the interface without using a PC.

  • Best Feature: Personalization options
  • Size: 55"
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Portability: Optional casters included. Storage case sold separately.
  • Price: $$$$

Greatest Value: 15" Touch Screen Interactive Kiosk

Touch screen interactive digital kiosk with shopping interface $899.99

15" Touch Screen Digital Kiosk with Camera, 10pt PCAP Touch, Media Player - White

If you're looking for a digital display with a smaller footprint and low cost, this touch screen interactive kiosk is the best value for the money. Offering comparable functionality to our pick for most user-friendly kiosk, but in a smaller form factor, this fixture is great for those with limited space. With its 15" LCD screen, the display is recommended for private user experiences like filling out a form or browsing a menu, rather than interactive presentations and grand exhibits. Common uses are for hotel check-ins, lead generation and many other self-service interfaces. At just under 40 lbs, this kiosk is much easier to relocate than larger models, making it convenient for an ever-changing retail or showroom environment.

  • Best Feature: Stylish design
  • Size: 15”
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Portability: Compact and Lightweight
  • Price: $$$$

Most User-Friendly: 32" Slanted Touch Screen Digital Kiosk

Android-based electronic touchscreen floor display kiosk directory $2,299.99

32” Slanted Touch Screen Digital Kiosk, 10pt IR Display, Android OS - Black

While a digital poster kiosk is great for presentations and advertisements, this slanted touchscreen display is optimized for user interaction. The directory kiosk has an ergonomic wide viewing angle and a medium 32” screen, putting all content within view and reach. This interactive kiosk is best for museum exhibits and building directories where there’s more information to process. A horizontal screen makes content easier to read and remember, since the text is read from left to right. As with the other displays on this list, the panel features 10pt IR touch, enabling team collaboration and user-friendly gestures like pinch-to-zoom.

  • Best Feature: Ergonomic Viewing Angle
  • Size: 32"
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Portability: Easy to assemble. Storage case available.
  • Price: $$$$

Best Accessibility: 43" Touch Screen Table

Man in wheelchair using touch screen table $2,799.99

43" Angled Touch Screen Digital Desk, 10pt PCAP, Wheelchair Accessible Design - Black

Public spaces need to be able to accomodate both abled users as well as users with disabilities, and the simplest way to do so is with a fixture purpose-built for accessibility. Our touch screen table meets ADA height and reach standards and has a 30˚ screen pitch that makes it comfortable to use while sitting or standing. And with plenty of clearance beneath, it's wheelchair-friendly as well! Of course, the gorgeous 43" screen offers the same responsive touch functionality, media access, and under-the-hood performance as our other kiosks.

  • Best Feature: Designed for Accessibility
  • Size: 43"
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Portability: Ships assembled. No storage case.
  • Price: $$$

Now that you know what to look for in a self service kiosk, you're equipped to find the right digital display for your business or organization. Remember that users will experience your content differently on different devices, so you'll want to design and test your user interface before purchasing touch screen signage. With the virtually limitless selection of apps on the Google Play Store, the availability of custom app developers, and hundreds of digital signage and content management solutions, you can create just about anything for your digital touch screen display.

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