Menu Holders - Restaurant Table Signs, Covers, and Enclosures

These menu holders are great for restaurants, delis, bakeries, and pubs. Browse our huge selection including table tents, tabletop sign holders, roll stands and more. Many of these displays are small enough to place on counters, bars, and tables, and present your specials in a neat, professional manner.

How can you utilize the vast selection of menu holders for your restaurant? There are plenty of creative ways to implement signage, stands & covers. Multi-purpose displays like condiment caddies are great for diners. Place specials or dessert offerings in the sign coil and drink lists in an acrylic tabletop display. Rotating stands allow guests to view entire selections while remaining stationary. Floor standing menu holders are ideal for lobbies and entryways. They can also be used as a hostess stand! Looking for potential customers to be able to glance at offerings before entering the restaurant? Weatherproof outdoor cases make it easy to post up-to-date lists of dishes and keep them on display 24/7. Even when the restaurant is closed passersby can still check out what you serve on a typical evening.

These table signs are simple, yet effective promotion tools. Menu covers and table tents are small enough to place on counters, bars, and tables, but are also large enough to show off your offerings. Menu holders are great for displaying dinner specials, wines, appetizer lists, and desserts. Separate promotions from regular menus with a myriad of colors and styles to suit virtually any decor in your bistro, cafe or diner. Advertise food and drink specials, bar promotions, or merchandise with various restaurant menu holders! Print and insert your graphics and the acrylic will protect them from spilled food or drinks. We make plastic tabletop sign products in many configurations that accept up to eight flip over cards.

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