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Digital Signage Influences Retail Advertising in a Big Way

Posted on 27, April, 2015

Last Modified on 27, February, 2023

The increasing trend of digital signage in today's retail environment is a testament to its advertising ability. The digital signage industry has grown considerably in recent years and is now a widely accepted form of advertising thanks to its multimedia capabilities and accessibility. The accessibility and visibility of this style of signage comes from everyone’s favorite pastime: watching television. Displaying commercials between regular programming is one of the ways brand name merchandisers drum up business. In the same fashion, using a digital sign inside a retail store increases product exposure by directly targeting consumers with ads about surrounding merchandise. It’s a great concept designed to replicate an actual television commercial inside a store - and it leads consumers directly to the checkout line. Conditioned to love digital media just as they love television, consumers have almost come to expect some sort of digital signage wherever they go.

Leading Industries Who Use Digital Displays

Dynamic vs. Static Commercial Displays

Traditionally, retail establishments relied on printed, static media for their advertising (and still do to a very large extent). However, today digital signage creates an entirely different effect on consumers than that of traditional signage - it attracts the eye through movement. It sounds simple, but often the simplest of ideas prove to be the most powerful. The dynamic quality of digital signage gives retailers a powerful tool to wield inside their stores, attracting customers, in the same way that LED billboards on the highway attract motorists. Moreover, digital content can be changed or updated as fast as you can change a TV channel. When compared to the more expensive ritual of printing new posters for every new promotion, the savings in labor, time, and money can be a major factor. Plus, small businesses can often benefit from tax incentives when investing in digital products.

Components Needed for Dynamic Digital Displays

Menu Digital Signage for Restaurants

The hardware required to operate a digital signage program in a retail environment includes three items:

TV Screen

If the signage screens are to be left on continuously, without interruption, then commercial-rated monitors are a necessity. Rated to run 24/7, these flat screens feature special cooling technologies and more rugged housings to protect them from dust.

Most TV’s come with 3-year warranties for parts & labor coverage. High definition, 1080p resolution TVs are also available, but since most businesses will not be showing movies, a TV with 720p resolution is also more than acceptable.

TV Mount

With the use of digital signage in businesses becoming more popular, the TV mounts industry has stepped up to the plate with a dizzying array of wall mount brackets, articulating arms, and ceiling-hung mounts. Unlike residential TVs, most commercial flat screens are mounted high up on walls with tilt attachments that point the screens down to the viewers, as in the case of many bars and restaurants. Another method of displaying digital signage is the floor stand. Whether stationed next to a new car in a showroom or on the trade show floor at a convention, floor stands provide quick solutions for temporary signage setups. The nature of floor stands’ construction allows them to be height adjustable, great for setting up in window displays or alongside merchandise aisles. Locking casters also provide easy transportability.

Digital Media Player

The media player is what drives any digital signage program. Broken down into three types, they offer:

  • Simple Plug & Play Models
  • Pre-formatted Content
  • Multi-frame Advertising w/ Network Live TV

As the premier method of both informing and entertaining consumers at the same time, digital signage can consist of something as simple as a slideshow. Simply insert a USB flash drive with your image or video content into a plug & play box and it sends the slideshow, digital menu, and anything else to the flat screen. More advanced media players can connect to the internet, providing access to live sign channels featuring pre-formatted content such as weather, sports, stock tickers, and entertainment news that updates on an hourly basis. The added bonus of an internet connection allows the digital signage to be controlled anywhere from any computer. Media players streaming live TV can also display custom advertising targeting your clientele. For example, a restaurant bar can use digital signage to display a football game for its customers while food and drink specials run along the side of the game. This content can be rotated to show more offerings over the course of the game, impacting profit on a number of levels.

 a tax advantage that supports digital transformation

The use of digital signage can influence a customer to make a purchase on the spot. The thing to remember is you’re not simply providing what the customer expects - you’re looking to maximize their experience. Just placing a TV in your establishment may or may not increase sales. However, providing engaging content informing customers about new menu offerings or sales promotions will influence customer behavior, sometimes instantly.

Large Format Video Walls

Video wall systemLarge displays are even better for businesses because they can be seen from a long distance. Video walls create a single large electronic sign with multiple flat screen monitors. Screens with a very thin bezel are perfect for this for a flush appearance. This is especially effective in airport terminals and data centers where lots of information can be seen in one place. Retailers also use these giant displays to feature advertisements that can't be missed. Browse our selection of video wall options for the perfect large format digital display. We offer wall mounts for multi-screen systems as well.

All-in-One Digital Signage Stands

Digital signage stand

Why not get everything in one unit? Digital signage stands with a TV screen, mount, and media player are excellent for showcasing video and slideshow ads. These large format displays feature a vertically oriented flat panel in a sleek frame. The advertising displays include integrated 10W speakers with a 4K or 1080p screen for a high-quality audio-visual presentation. With their Android operating system, this style of digital signage stand makes it easy to transfer and manage your media. Each flat panel display has USB ports for connecting common storage devices, but they're also compatible with wireless connections via Wi-Fi as well. Optional DisplayIt!Xpress software increases their functionality, allowing users to schedule ad campaigns and feature messages from live feeds.

This style of advertising TV stand is great for promotion in malls, trade shows, and on store floors with its stand-out design. The flat screen displays have a thin frame that can fit anywhere ‐ their dynamic presentation will capture attention even in busy areas.

Touchscreen Kiosks

Floor standing touch screen kiosk

Let customers and patrons interact with your digital screen with a touchscreen display! These kiosks are excellent for advertising to passersby while letting them participate — they can browse catalogs, make purchases, and customize their orders with these dynamic flat panel stands. It's easy to transfer your commercial app over to one of these large screens as they feature the same ports and Wi-Fi connectivity as their non-touch relatives. Anything you can use on your Android phone will work on these large touchscreen floor stands!

Portable Digital A-Frame Signage

Digital A-Frame Signs

In addition to large format commercial kiosks, businesses can upgrade their in-store signage with portable digital a-frame displays. These signs allow you to display dynamic multimedia content like product videos and sales promotions conveniently outside your store's entrance, next to merchandise, or at a point-of-sale location. A-frame signs are smaller and more compact than floorstanding kiosks, with a sleek, collapsible frame and 32" or 43" non-touch screens. Their compact design makes them an ideal solution for businesses that need a versatile digital display that can be easily repositioned and repurposed for new initiatives and campaigns.

Outdoor Digital Solutions

Portable Digital A-Frame Signage Businesses in high-traffic areas can optimize their storefronts with all-weather advertising displays like TVs and kiosks. These displays feature ultra-bright screens which are viewable in direct sunlight and a durable design that can withstand even the harshest climates. All-weather displays are a highly effective solution for outside entertainment or displaying advertisements to passersby before they decide to enter your store.

Portable & Affordable Digital Displays

Digital signage comes in many shapes and sizes. Screens are often integrated with other multi-functional displays from countertop signs to literature stands. If a touchscreen kiosk or video wall is out of your organization's budget, you may want to consider these other portable and affordable solutions.

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