Ceiling Mounted Digital Advertising Displays for Commercial Applications

Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage for Commercial Advertising Displays

Companies are constantly finding new and innovative ways to promote their brand, but few tools attract more attention than electronic media screens. Our ceiling mounted digital advertising displays dominate potential marketing real estate by hanging from areas many of your competitors can’t support. These floating business TV monitors are a great supplement to restaurant ordering counters, giving customers a clear view of high-definition menu options that can be changed at will from the back office. Many of our ceiling mounted digital advertising displays include SuperSign technology, which comes complete with 74 templates, LAN connectivity, personalized multimedia uploads, and even the ability to play live TV. You have probably seen these monitors stream sporting events in bars and restaurants, or even showcase a video of a company’s mission in their main lobby. A ceiling mounted digital advertising display makes a bold statement, and is especially useful in low-light establishments given their vibrant LCD panels. Upload fresh, relevant content to any of these electronic marketing monitors to keep your customers up-to-date with company events, promotions, or menu options.

How will these LCD monitors help your business? Hockey on a ceiling mounted digital monitor

  • Promotion – Ceiling mounted digital advertising displays are tailor-made for high-traffic business marketing. Target the consumer with new product clips, infomercials, or other promotional ad campaigns. Fast food institutions are making technological upgrades to their menu screens as well. However, digital advertising displays can go way beyond simple merchandising. Present a company video with a personal touch inside your place of business to inform customers of your roots while they wait.
  • Information – These digital advertising displays excel at featuring a large quantity of information in one place. This is why transportation hubs like train stations and airport terminals use them to display arrival and departure times. In addition, schools and universities post schedules and upcoming events for the student body. They're installed inside museums to show artists' films and bios, while visitor centers and national parks play historical documentaries. Modern churches have also embraced this technology as well for use in their sermons or to share local news.
  • Entertainment – What's a TV without programming? Digital advertising displays are ideal for a number of industries where customers have a need for entertainment. Stream sports, games, concerts, or live events to attract more patrons to your business. Restaurants, bars, and casinos may be the first that come to mind, but hospitals, doctor's offices, and even places like the DMV also benefit. Keep people occupied with a live TV feed to make the waiting room experience more enjoyable.

Our hanging digital advertising displays offer adjustable pole models that locate the monitor at the perfect height. The brackets also tilt and rotate 360°, which is especially useful if installing in the corner of a room. The advantage of using a ceiling-mounted TV bracket for digital displays is in its flexibility. Each monitor can be popped out independently if work needs to be done with settings or connections. Micro adjustments then give you the ability to set each TV tightly against the next for the thinnest possible bezel. All digital LED advertising displays feature commercial-rated monitors. Manufactured with more durable materials than typical residential models, these TVs are designed to resist wear and tear. The flat panels are constructed to withstand long operating hours for uninterrupted playback.

Each monitor come with built-in LG® SuperSign software. This is an invaluable tool that will give your business more flexibility in your demonstrations and the ability to customize content at will. Use any of the pre-designed templates for out-of-the-box readiness. Displays2go utilizes content management from 11Giraffes®. Browse our selection of video wall systems for all of your integrated electronic advertising display solutions.

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