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Countertop iPad Holders for Commercial or Personal Applications

Tabletop Stands Display iPads Right Where You Need Them for Convenient Interaction

Countertop iPad holder

Out of all the different ways to apply a touchscreen tablet, one placement style comes out on top above all others. Countertop iPad holders provide users with the most adaptability. This is due to their great range of movement and portability — features both floor-standing and wall mount models lack. Our countertop iPad holders are available in a dizzying array of sizes and styles. Suitable for professionals and individuals alike, these tablet stands are compatible with most touchscreen brands from Apple®, Microsoft®, and other Android models. You just need to know which model is the right choice. Read on to learn what makes our countertop iPad holders different and how their specific functions directly apply to you.

Which tabletop tablet display is perfect for my application?
  • Countertop iPad holders with locking enclosures are designed for commercial environments. By fully encasing your tablet, anti-theft measures are increased while covered home buttons prevent unauthorized app tampering. Locations such as unmanned check-in counters, trade show booths, and other high-traffic areas benefit significantly from these added security features by helping to protect your investment.
  • Non-locking iPad holders offer convenience over security. Simple models are more suited for personal users and feature a plain tray or clamp. Holders that swivel and rotate are great for POS checkouts. Employees can ring up a purchase, then spin the tablet for the customer to sign their receipt. Since retail counters are usually manned, non-locking displays, in this case, aren't an issue.
  • iPad holders with flexible gooseneck and articulating arms offer more viewing flexibility. These are especially useful in the workplace or on desktops, providing hands-free use with far-ranging adjustability.
  • Looking for a secure tablet mount with a little freedom to move about? Anti-theft security cables attach to your device and feature a range of 6-feet. These are good choices for accommodating visitor sign-ins, reception desks, or event tables. Their low cost makes them more affordable than fancier stands with locking enclosures.
  • Rounding out the list is our FlexStand series, exclusively designed and manufactured by Displays2go. These feature a universal mount for accommodating most tablet brands of varying sizes and thicknesses. The holder is also lockable, providing security as well as peace of mind.

Tablet stands for tables and counters can accommodate a wide range of applications from personal to professional. Whether following a recipe or swiping a customer's credit card, these convenient display fixtures extend the usefulness of any touchscreen device. Interacting with a countertop tablet mount is typically done alone or in connection with another person. Handling groups of people are best left to a freestanding model. iPad floor kiosks welcome visitors who are on foot. Some of these commercial-rated displays also offer more marketing and advertising capabilities with their custom-printed graphics and brochure holders!

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