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As students make the jump from elementary to the high school level, they are already well versed in all things digital. A lot of information needs to make its way to them, and, as we have seen, video encompasses a large part of their world. Digital signage displays and wall-mounted monitors communicate information and announcements in common areas like hallways, cafeterias, and entrance lobbies. In addition, if your high school has its own YouTube channel, you can stream controlled social messaging to create a more "connected" campus. Rolling TV stands continue the digital trend into the classroom for easy access, mobile learning. Curriculums that use school-supplied tablets or laptops benefit from charging cabinets. Not only can these stations accommodate multiple devices, but they also secure them under lock and key. Classroom tools like interactive whiteboards and projection screens further enhance the learning environment and make it easy for teachers to display digital lessons right from their computers or laptops. Embracing these new technologies, high schools help students immeasurably by preparing their eventual leap to higher education at the college and university levels.

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