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College campuses offer as much diversity in their student base as they do their course listings, with a range of on-campus and commuting students with different needs, all utilizing the same facilities and services while undergoing their studies. Similarly, inter-departmental needs change between buildings, varying from the arts and literature, to engineering, to medical sciences. Universities implement digital tools both in the classroom and on grounds to assist with lesson plans, wayfinding, and campus news in high-traffic public areas. Video walls and digital signage in dining, study, and community centers go a long way to keep students well connected with on-campus events, course deadlines, and club information. Commonly seen in libraries, cafeterias, and lounges, charging stations are a must-have for students who commute and need to keep their phones or other devices topped off through a long day of classes. In the classroom, we have seen a surge of professors taking advantage of interactive digital whiteboards, which allow for better integration and flexibility with lesson plans stored on their laptop or desktop computer. Likewise, we offer a large selection of AV carts, TV mounts, and projectors that have been traditionally used in classrooms for decades and are a staple for any college or university. Equip your educational institution with the digital signage needed to communicate clearly with students as they navigate your campus and the modern in-class tools essential for providing the top-quality education your students pay for.

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