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These TV mounting brackets allow for plasma or other flat panel televisions to be hung on a wall or from a ceiling. Most of the flat screen display products featured here are offered at discount prices. What are some of the benefits to using one of these TV mounting brackets? There are many advantages to using these LCD TV mount products. The fact that these TV mounting brackets enable consumers to free-up a large portion of floor space is one of the greatest selling features. Mount theTV Mounting Brackets flat panel TV on the wall with one of these brackets rather than setting it on a big bulky piece of furniture. Another point of interest to consider is the fact that using the TV mounting bracket keeps the expensive flat screen TV out of reach of curious pets and children. An additional benefit to purchasing a wall mount is that most of the products featured here have either tilt or panning arms that allow the user to adjust the viewing angle. More and more retail businesses, bars, hotels, and doctor's offices are using a TV mounting bracket to display an LCD monitor or plasma television. Online shoppers will certainly find all of mounts and brackets needed to display a flat panel television.

How much work is involved in attaching this LCD monitor mount to a wall or ceiling?
  • One person can easily attach most of these TV mounting brackets to a wall.
  • For the ceiling monitor mounts and larger racks; two people are better for safety reasons.
  • As an added benefit on some of the LCD monitor mounts there is even a bubble leveling device built into the mount; so there's no need for a second person to ask if it's crooked.

Ceiling TV mounts are quickly becoming very popular among retail stores and shopping malls. These flat screen TV mounts allow users to hang a monitor from the overhead. Retail stores use flat panel monitors to display informative messages, store directory information and advertisments. Some of these ceiling TV mounts have tilt and panning capabilities, allowing the user to position the flat screen monitors in the desired direction.

LCD Monitor MountsAll of the TV mounts offered here currently stocked meet VESA standards and guidelines. VESA refers to the standardized mounting hole configuration on the back of a plasma or LCD television by the manufacturer, ensuring that most TV models will fit onto floor stands and wall or ceiling mounts. Although all of the TV brackets featured here come with the required screws to mount a flat screen or LCD TV, some plasma televisions require specific screws that can be purchased at a local hardware store. For further explanation about VESA, please see this how to page.

There are several basic TV bracket designs for sale here that mount a plasma or LCD TV in a fixed position. These flat panel mounts don't allow for any motion of the displayed LCD television. These LCD mounting brackets are commonly purchased by bars and taverns that have several flat screen TVs to broadcast all of the different sports programs on at the same time. One person can easily attach one of these flat screen mounts to a wall. All of the required hardware is included with every purchase.

Homeowners and small business owners use these LCD TV mounts that tilt to display a plasma or flat screen TV on a wall. These mounts allow for slight motion of the LCD television either in a vertical or horizontal direction. Different viewers tend to like to watch television at different angles, and with the use of one of these LCD monitor mounts everyone can be satisfied. Some of the LCD TV mount products seen here have the ability to move side-to-side and up and down (also called panning). This flat panel mount is not only good for allowing for an optimal viewing angle, but also allows access to the wall behind it for cleaning.

TV Wall RacksFor those customers looking for a wall mount that allows a huge range of motion; these articulating mounts are ideal. This flat screen TV mount is great for a homeowner that likes to watch television in different spots in the living room, or even an adjoining room. There is a huge selection of mount sizes offered here; from brackets that can hold a 13" monitor all the way up to mounts that can hold a 65" flat screen television. Many of the flat panel TV mounts for sale here are sold at huge discount prices.

The old tube televisions are quickly becoming a thing of the past. All of the new televisions manufactured today utilize plasma or LCD technology. Due to this; these LCD TV wall and ceiling mounts are becoming increasingly popular among business and individual buyers. No longer are the days of buying a big bulky piece of furniture to place a television on. Most homes and businesses have at least one plasma or LCD television mounted on a wall using one of these flat panel TV mounts.

Are there any weight limits for these plasma TV mounts?
  • All of these flat panel TV mount products have weight limitations listed right on the product pages.
  • In most cases the maximum limit for the LCD monitor mount is far greater than the average weight of the flat screen television it is rated to hold.
  • All of these flat panel mounts are made of high quality metal products that are very strong.
  • For any further questions regarding these monitor display products contact a staff member who will be happy to answer any product questions.

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