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Top 5 Social Distancing Tools for Trade Show Exhibits

Top 5 Products for Social Distancing at Trade Shows

Posted on 01, March, 2021

Last Modified on 07, March, 2022

Top 5 Popular Social Distancing Tools that Double as Trade Show Presentation Fixtures

With many businesses looking to the horizon, trade shows are something that are eagerly awaited, cautiously planned around, and much anticipated as a beacon that business will return to some sense of normalcy. With that in mind, it is vital not to rush into things by simply expecting that the same displays that worked in past years are still optimal for facing today's public health crisis and socially distanced climate. This article hopes to address the top 5 must-have products you need to equip yourself for the new trade show environment to not only protect your employees and guests, but to portray an image of public service and health-consciousness that may all-together make or break if a prospective customer chooses to enter your booth or simply walk on by. This list includes an array of products including the staples such as hand sanitizer dispensers or adhesive floor directories to manage the flow of foor traffic, to more advanced fixtures such as temperature scanners and social distancing alarm systems. While other companies may do the little things like wear a mask, or share a single bottle of sanitizer, yours can set an example by encourageing, and even enforceing, social distancing and safe public practices. Clear signage followed up by action-based fixtures and easily accessible technologial support will truly make the difference.

1. Clear Social Distancing Signage & Floor Markers

Bilingual Social Distancing Signage

We offer a large collection of bilingual floor graphics, stanchion signs, and wall-mounted messaging to maximize your reach in public settings. Choose vibrant yellow, blue, or red floor markers to direct the flow of foot traffic in a particular direction through your trade show exhibit, ensuring a consistant, linear path through the presentation area while reducing the risk of customer paths crossing uneccesarily. This measure helps exhibitors manage the number of people traveling through or confined to a tight space to better keep tabs on capacity limits or other social guidelines. Stanchions are also a fantastic way to section off entry during peak periods or when the booth is at-risk of violating imposed distancing measures. Wall-mounted signage is ideal for bathrooms, hallways, or off-limits area to denote "quarentine" or simply to remind visitors to "wash their hands" often throughout the day to limit the risk of infection.

2. Hand Sanitizer Helps Stop the Spread of Germs

Hand Sanitizer

From wall-mounted, floor-standing, pump, and even automated units, we carry hand sanitzer dispensers suited for any environment or social setting. Whether you have an open format, large-scale exhibit, or a simple pop-up folding table, providing customers with a clearly marked place to wash their hands before interacting with others provides everyone with some quality peace of mind and the assurance that the spread of germs has been limited. Transform floor-standing hand sanitizer displays with custom-printed signage as a double-hitter, presenting promotional information alongside a much-needed public service. Utilizing custom printed signage alongside your hand sanitizer is a great way to generate interest or create a memorable experience, especially if a customer can easily direct a friend or another guest to your booth by pointing our the display fixture. And of course, refills should always be available in high-traffic settings.

3. Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Divider Panels

Splash Guards

Face-to-face interaction, especially when pitching a product is a treasured and pivitol part of any presentation. For some employees, or customers, there may still be underlying at-risk medical statuses that prevent them from having direct contact with the public, which makes it important to provide both parties with the ability to interact with one another while enjoying the protection of acrylic personal protection barriers. These sneeze and splash guards a are available as countertop stands, hanging banners, or even on rolling floorstands, all making it much easier to remain engaged while socially distanced. Clear safety shields help exhibitors seperate sections of their booth, or provide space between presenters and the public in style since these fixtures take up a small visual footprint and deliver powerful results. Step your social distancing measures up a notch by taking advantage of floor standing, portable countertops with custom printed signage and incorporated splash guards to provide a protective barrier on-the-move in high-traffic business settings.

4. Antimicrobial Film Prevents Germs Growth on Surfaces

Antimicrobial germ-resistant film

Copper antimicrobial film is certified to kill 99% of germs on its surface, making it perfect for covering any publically used fixture such as countertops, dial pads, door handles, and more. Hand cut this protective film into any shape or size that you need to cover common surfaces such as tablet holders, elevator buttons, literature displays, and bulletin boards. While we recomend using these protective sheild coverings to prevent corss-contamination in high-traffic areas and allowing employees to be more attentive to their customers and product presentations and less worried about cleaning surfaces after every visit. Anti-germ sheilding are a low-profile, long-lasting way to passively protect guests in environments where surfaces can not be chemically disinfected after every usage. Intended for semi-permanent use, each copper antimicrobial film roll features a peeling self-adhesive which sticks to any surfaces and does not diminish in effectiveness when cleaned.

5. Advanced Temperature Scanners & Distancing Alarms

Turing Temperature Scanner

Temperature checks are a normal part of any social gathering while social distancing. They have become the norm for entering doctors offices, schools, or other public places with high-sensitivity or at-risk guests. Take advantage of countertop or floor-standing models at the entryway of your booth to allow or prevent entry on a case-by-case basis, showing your guests that you are taking the safety of your customers, and the safety of your employees seriously during these times. Use body temperature scannere in tandem with distance warning devices to help manage lines with devices that emit a visual and audio warning when people are standing too close. Accurate, hands-free, and requiring no technical set-up, any of these devices will act as a first line of defense against potential super-spreader events invading your booth. The majority of trade show exhibitors wont have the time or availability to test each guest manually, since that would require a dedicated employee to stand guard, so these automatic temperature checkers are ideal for streamlining the process and reducing downtime.

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