Cubicle Displays and Supplies for Personalizing Office Workstations

Cubicle displays for office workspaces

No matter what type of office you work in, you're going to need some items to keep your desk organized while staying productive. Cubicle displays, such as fixtures, furnishings, signs, and organizers offer innovative solutions to everyday workplace problems. Our hand-picked selection ranges from simple to complex and features a wide variety of price points, so any office can maximize the functionality of employee desks and cubes without spending a fortune. Provide your staff members with the cubicle accessories they need to keep driving success at your business!


From contemporary desks to ergonomic sit-and-stand fixtures, pick a style that's right for you.


Adjust screen placement with monitor risers or articulating desktop mounts.


Make it easy for people to find your cubicle and create subtle separation in open workspaces.


Keep invoices, forms, and reference materials close at hand with our literature holders.


Charge your device while pulling out a convenient seat for coworker collaboration.

Cubicle signs are some of the first accessories offices look for when it comes to outfitting work areas. Some office buildings only have a handful of desks while others have rows and rows. In either case you'll want to make sure everyone has a cubicle nameplate so employees can easily find others in different departments. Step one of successful collaboration is simply knowing who you are collaborating with. When an office complex has many departments, it's usually a good idea to label them as well with similar signs. Easy navigation throughout the building will undoubtedly help streamline workload especially when it comes to interdepartmental projects and new employees.

Speaking of innovation and modern ideas, it's not too common to see a cube without a computer and a monitor. Not only do we sell cubicle furniture like training tables and height adjustable desks, but we also provide a selection of sit-stand workstations that can be raised or lowered depending if the worker is sitting or standing. This flexibility has become very popular in recent years due in part to the variety of health benefits associated with them. While some of our cubicle furniture features an all-in-one design, we also sell individual components that attach to existing tables and desks. Desktop monitor brackets that clamp or bolt on are very popular for office cubes, especially where spreadsheets, images, videos, and other electronic content is frequently manipulated. Cubicle monitor stands are yet another option. These simple risers elevate your computer monitor to the right height for maximum eye comfort throughout the long workday.

Even with the integration of modern technology into typical office tasks, there will always be paperwork. There are many advantages to having paper copy backups. Some people prefer to write things down manually or hold a physical copy in their hands while discussing projects because they connect better with the work that way. Other times the hard copies save the day when a computer or network crashes. Whatever the reason for keeping file paper copies, you can rest assured that with our cubicle file organizers the information will not take over your desk. These desktop and hanging file racks keep loose papers and file folders orderly so they can be accessed easily at a moment's notice. Our cubicle wall hung file systems are especially popular because they keep desks and tabletops free of clutter.

Additional cubicle accessories include items like privacy screens, charging stations, and portable foam cube seating. Shop the whole collection today to find ways to maximize efficiency, productivity, and creativity in your office!

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