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Local artwork shows and festivals are exciting weekend activities for many art enthusiasts and collectors. Visitors enjoy slowly strolling past hanging paintings, admiring the creative expressions, and may even make a purchase if they find something they really like. These art show displays allow artists to encourage an atmosphere of discovery while making their artwork highly visible and easily accessible to browsing customers.


Lightweight and portable, these art hanging systems are the go-to choice for many artists.

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Retail floor rack with digital screen

Full Booth

For maximum artwork coverage, our largest layout fits perfectly inside standard 10' x 10' pop-up tents.

Upscale merchandising floor display with color-enhancing LEDs


This configuration is designed to fit along a single tent wall, or in lieu of a tent, creates a wall!

Garment rack with integrated digital screen


Smaller displays can be placed anywhere, even in the middle of tents with their free-standing design.

Retail touchscreen kiosk with merchandise shelving


When using art grid panel systems, remember they are also double-sided and can display twice as much artwork.


Showcase your work on Displays2go's Dandelion Line of sustainable wooden fixtures.

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Dandelion is a unique Displays2go product line that was created with the intention to combine the concepts of environmental awareness and thoughtful design to spread the seeds of eco-consciousness throughout the world. The items within this product line are developed to minimize waste and utilize recyclable and biodegradable materials.

We believe your business and brand deserve products made with purpose and sustainability. We recognize purposeful products and translate them into unique collections. This eco-assortment offers quality, creativity, and passion with the goal to put our customers and the planet first!


Display Tables & Pedestals

Give statement pieces their own space to shine.



Tents, tables, and signs designed to build your brand.


Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso are the masters of the past, but that doesn't mean there isn't a vast amount of incredible, undiscovered artwork out there just waiting to be seen and appreciated. Art show displays like frames, grid panels, and exhibit tents make these crafts readily available to the public. Hanging canvases and paintings in a local fair or market gives the public an opportunity to discover new artists and their work. If you're looking for art show display ideas for promoting your work in these environments, then you've come to the right place!

Many artwork exhibits take place in outdoor locations, like parks or court yards. Pop-up tents not only protect your work from the elements, but they also create a clearly defined area for you to showcase your individual work. Essentially, these booths help to distinguish one artist from another in busy event environments, where there may be 100s of other vendors. Art show tents are available in many colors and designs - some even come with custom printed logos along the canopies and valances. Talk about a great opportunity for exposure!

Within any tent, you're likely to find certain fixtures actually holding the various paintings, sculptures, or crafts. Certain freestanding structures are necessary for showing these works in visible fashions. Displays2go carries a line of inexpensive art display panels that are great for art show vendors on the go. Artists can use these grid panels to hang a lot of framed paintings, depending on their size. Browsing attendees can walk right up to these hanging displays to view the entire collection from one standing position. Art easels are a great option for displaying just one piece in a way that will let it stand out from the crowd. This type of art stand can also be really effective for drawing passing customers into your booth! If you're selling prints or thinner canvases, a folding print rack lets event attendees flip through the replicas at their own pace.

Essential for letting buyers know who you are, custom-printed banners display your name and/or business for quick identification. Hang them inside or outside of your booth for visitors actively looking for you, or for those seeing your work for the first time. The main purpose of these artwork display ideas is to complement paintings and canvases, all while making it easier for potential customers to see and access your amazing projects! Let the creative juices flow and order the right tools for your next event today!

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