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Tension Fabric Displays - Backdrops, Graphics, Table Covers & More

Displays Featuring Stretchable, Tension Fabric Save Time with Quicky Assembly

If you're looking to make an impact at your next trade show event or in-store promotion but don't want all the hassle of bulky graphics, consider these practical tension fabric displays. The simple design features stretchable material that expands to fit over a framework, table, or other unit, depending on the type, so getting set up is effortless. Though we offer many tension fabric display backdrops that are ideal for adding customized graphics, we also carry a selection of stretch table covers, 3-D pop-ups, ceiling hanging banners, and counters. With so many different options, you're sure to find a solution for your exhibits and events.

What kinds of features do these tension fabric displays offer?

  • Stretch Backdrops & 3-D Pop Ups
    • High quality tensioned fabric with vibrant color
    • Fully customizable graphics through dye-sublimation printing
    • Durable framework that keeps the stretch material taut for a professional look
    • Portable design for quick and painless assembly
  • Tension Fabric Table Covers & Kits
    • Perfectly sized to fit 6' or 8' tables
    • Inside pockets allow for table legs to be tucked inside so the stretchy material stays taut
    • Variety of colors to choose from including both custom & stock
    • Choice of traditional 4-sided and modern 3-sided covers
    • Combo packages that come with tables are also available
  • Stretch Fabric Ceiling Banners
    • Professional dye-sublimation printing process
    • Several sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from
    • Can be combined with motorized ceiling hanger to add attention-grabbing motion
  • Tension Fabric Counters & Booth Furniture
    • Stretchable material adds modern touch to otherwise utilitarian displays
    • Many attractive colors and styles to choose from including customizable options
    • Lightweight, portable design makes for quick setup and breakdown at any event
    • Most feature additional storage areas for displaying pitch materials or stowing supplies

There are so many different options when it comes to tension fabric display systems that exhibit attendants and sales representatives can easily create an entire booth using the same stretch material. The modern look creates a theme in your exhibit booth that projects professionalism and style, so it will be easy to pull in trade show goers. Try adding a curved backwall that features dye-sublimation graphics, some custom overhead banners, and a few portable, pop-up counters to create a cohesive convention booth. Nothing says "prepared" like a well planned out exhibit stall with all the best tension fabric backdrops, furniture, and accessories!

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