How to Steal the Floor with Trade Show Islands

How to Steal The Show with Trade Show Islands

Posted on 18, August, 2020

Last Modified on 17, November, 2020

How to Transform Your Booth Into an Island that Dominates the Showroom Floor

Its no surprise that exhibitors invest thousands to make a splash every trade show they attend, whether they are decorating a traditional 10' x 10' space, or going the extra mile and creating a central hub that is impossible to miss. Trade show islands vary in size, but always intend to make a statement whether you are outfitting a 20' x 20'x, 30' x 30' space or larger. First impressions are vital, and attendees witnessing the time, energy, and attention to detail given to your trade show island will be sure to judge the quality of your product or service in the same light. Between renting the floor space, booth rental, lighting, merchandise, and other staple services, many businesses are looking at spending upwards of $150,000 on a large-scale booth at trade shows such as CES (Consumer Technology Association). That's a big investment, and we are here to break down what you need to ensure that money spent provides the best return possible with fixtures both inside and outside the booth.

What Exhibit Booth Kits are Best Suited for Trade Show Islands?

While businesses utilizing smaller 10’ x 10’ booths can get away with using a mixture of folding tables, chairs, and retail shelving fixtures, it is far more effective to take advantage of cohesive all-in-one units. Your trade show island should feel like an escape from the showroom floor, as if a guest stepping foot into your booth is suddenly transported into what feels like a brick-and-mortar store detached from the rest of the show. By taking advantage of large-scale, cohesive trade show kits, especially those from our Orbital line, exhibitors can mix the appeal of truss-style frames, flooring, and expansive custom graphic display panels whilst showcasing their products under a well lit area.

p> What Trade Show Booth Features Should You Look Out For?
  • A truss style trade show kit will allow your business to dominate the floor space, filling larger 20’ x 20’ lots while creating a sense of flow and uniformity. There is an array of options to choose from depending on your needs, be it a system that provides a simple backdrop and podium, or the appearance of multiple rooms. Building an island expo frame gives exhibitors the freedom to create store-like displays while seamlessly directing their guests through the booth.
  • Orbital Trade Show Kit
  • Trade show flooring is available in many of our exhibit kits, allowing users to place tile, wood, soft foam, or carpeted areas beneath their booth. This creates a clear separation between your lot and the next, telling customers once they enter your space that your product or service should dominate. Our soft foam flooring helps reduce fatigue while standing for a prolonged period of time and connect like puzzle pieces to fill whatever sized space is necessary.
  • Custom branded graphics are available with all of our trade show island booths, however our Orbital line offers up to 20 pieces of custom full-color printed panels. Not only does this allow for expansive graphic presentations where one image can bleed into the next, but provides a memorable brand experience. Exhibitors may opt to showcase thematic visual displays, or take advantage of the flexibility of each panel to advertise different products, services, or packages.
  • Incorporate a hanging circular or square banner, many of which measure up to 15’ in diameter, to act as a beacon or waypoint for your guest to find you. Clear, visually appealing branded signage is a must-have to dominate any showroom floor. Choosing a quality hanging sign removes the risk of a potential customer overlooking your booth once they walk onto the showroom floor for the first time during an event.
  • A well lit area is vital to any showroom, be it in a brick-and-mortar store or at a trade show. With many of our exhibit kits, we provide LED show lights, which keep up with industry standards. It is important to note a recent ban on the use and sale of halogen lights in California, along with 14 other states in the process of doing the same. Use LED lighting to create a beacon on the showroom floor, drawing customers into your space and setting a clear tone.

  • How to Best Deliver Your Message With Digital Signage

    Better digital solutions create better connections between brand and consumer. Electronic media, advertisements, and digital marketing have become a staple in any industry and are a great way to supplement static showroom displays. Utilize floor standing digital signage, touch screen kiosks, and interactive whiteboards to increase the quality of your presentations, allow for autonomous zones for customers to explore your product digitally, and support your employees efforts. Incorporate digital signage solutions, especially those with multi-media management systems, for more impactful digital marketing campaigns. Successful exhibitors utilize interactive tools such as display tablets to allow guests to search through product catalogs, watch informative videos, and collect customer data. After all, this is an island, right? So every part of your exhibit should sell your customer on the fact that life with your product should be a vacation when compared to using a competitor.

    What Kinds of Digital Signage and Trade Show Technology Should You Add to Your Booth?
    • LED digital posters with daisy chain technology include an integrated multi-media system which allows users to link immersive, vibrant marketing campaign graphics and videos across multiple screens. These floor standing digital kiosks feature non-touch screens designed to showcase advertisement videos across larger areas, be that side by side, or staggered. Customers use these LED digital posters to create uniformity around their booth, showcasing the same content to multiple entry angles for greater marketing cohesion, or by staggering displays to tell a greater story as guests move through the space.
    • trade Show Digital Signage
    • Wall mounted or floor standing televisions work well for displaying menu options, catalogs, event news, and company information with a static display. Place directly behind your booth’s counter or table space to supplement an employees presentation, choosing to display slideshows, company commercials, product highlights, or static imagery.
    • iPad and tablet holders not only help secure valuable electronic marketing tools, but give guests a familiar, centralized place to add their name to your mailing list whilst providing them with the option to browse your company's site or app freely. Place a locking tablet holder, or a row of several, to create an information sharing hub inside of your trade show booth. After a successful presentation, direct your guests to share their information to be kept up to date with the latest company news, launches, and customer success stories.
    • Interactive white boards are a new and incredibly innovative way to present product information. While most often seen in lecture halls or conference rooms, many of our customers have found success, and space, for an interactive digital whiteboard inside their trade show island booth. This creates a space for employees to engage directly with event attendees while making direct edits, outlines, and highlights to marketing material on-screen.
    • Include branded cell phone charging stations into your trade show island display to offer a vital, convenient service to your guests while they visit your booth. Not only will giving attendees a valued lifeline, such as a place to recharge their phone, entice them to spend more time around your exhibit while they wait, but they will leave with a lasting positive impression for the courtesy.

    How to Make Your Trade Show Island One of A Kind

    Are you looking to set up a stand-out booth that is sure to have attendees taking an extra moment to grab a quick photoshoot, kick back, and talk about your products? Include simple, yet eye-catching decorum such as LED digital furniture to the mix to create a lounge-like experience in the middle of the showroom floor. Mix and match tables, chairs, stools, and even bars to offer your newfound customers a place to sit back, talk to your representatives, or enjoy a complimentary beverage. Mesmerizing and colorful, our LED illuminated furniture instantly elevates the entertainment level to match the look and feel of a nightclub or private lounge. Filter between light strobe settings to match the mood, be it upbeat or a gradual shift between up to 16 different colors - all controlled by a single remote. Use LED furniture to match your company’s color scheme and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere that helps your booth stand out from all others.

    Trade show exhibits with LED furniture are a huge hit with any business in the tech or music industries, lending themselves well to futuristic decor and are appealing to the tech-savvy consumer. Cosmopolitan, glowing furniture excels at setting the vibe, and it is wise to pair this decor with music or other forms of entertainment on the showroom floor. Trade show attendees should view any booth taking advantage of LED furniture, nevermind the glowing bars, as a welcome escape from the monotony of traditional booth set ups. At the very least, these types of displays will capture the attention of your guests, draw them in, and welcome prospective customers to get comfortable in your exhibit. After all, the more time they spend with you, the more likely they are to remember your product.

    LED Digital Furniture

    Owning the Event with Trade Show Islands

    There is only so much space at any convention center, and large-scale booths not only cost a pretty penny, but dominate the floor. Outfitting a 20’ x 20’, or larger, exhibit space doesn’t have to break the bank if planned accordingly. There are a few things every exhibitor needs to focus on, and these are especially true for islands; you must capture event attendees’ attention, must create a welcoming place for them to stay and learn about your product, and must leave them with a memorable experience. That experience may come from the quality of your product, and of course that should be the focus, but that memory may also stem from the quality of your booth and the care you took into creating a welcoming experience for them. Use your trade show island space to give guests a place to sit and talk about what they have seen throughout the day with lounge seating, offer engaging tools such as touchscreen digital signage, panels, and tablets, and ensure you have a quality truss-style booth kit with branded graphic panels.

    A trade show island is a fantastic stand-alone opportunity to build an entire ecosystem within a large-scale convention center where exhibitors can design an entire atmosphere that seems detached from the rest of the event. Use this space wisely to promote the sharing of information and exploration of products to send every guest home as a future customer.

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