Height Adjustable Desks & Sit-Stand Computer Workstations

Adjustable Height Workstations for Office Professionals

sit or stand desks Sitting at a desk for an extended period of time is unhealthy and the practice has been the subject of many recent studies. Not only can sitting for extended periods of time be harmful to your knees and back, but also it can affect circulation. Some even say that sitting is the new smoking, but if you have an office job, sitting at your desk for long hours is unfortunately unavoidable. Don’t worry - Displays2go can help get you on your feet with our HUGE selection of adjustable height desks! Our sit stand workstations are the ergonomically correct substitution for regular office work areas. Many companies use sit-standing office furniture as an alternative to traditional computer workstations in order to maximize employee performance. When you purchase adjustable height desks for your employees both parties benefit - you get productive and happy employees and they get to improve their health and well-being!

The defining feature of these sit-to-stand workstations is that each design is vertically adjustable. This means that the workspace can be adjusted to the most ergonomic height. The desktop can also be lowered so that employees can sit down comfortably to take a rest. The versatile design allows for workers to treat their bodies right by eliminating extended periods of standing and sitting.

There are many different types of adjustable height desks. Crank adjusting desks require you to manually rotate a gear which then adjusts the tabletop height. Pneumatic desks are operated by gas (typically air) or hydraulic liquid that is pressurized. In either case, there is usually a lever or locking switch that fastens the workspace into place. Another type of a stand-up desk is one that uses pins or rods to hold the work surface at the desired height. The rods are usually made of metal and are strong enough to withstand a good amount of weight. Our most popular style of adjustable desks includes those that are electronically powered! When it’s time to move from sitting to standing position, simply push a button!

While it’s convenient to have an entire desk that’s height adjustable, sometimes it’s not always possible. If you work in a cubicle, for instance, you won’t have room to add another piece of furniture. Luckily, we supply desktop models that allow you to turn even a clunky cube workspace into a sit-stand workstation! For example, we stock versions that clamp on to the edge of your tabletop and hold your computer monitor and keyword on adjustable arms. Similarly, we carry wall mounting adjustable desks that serve the same purpose. These styles are great for warehouses, production facilities, hospitals and nurses’ stations, and call centers.

Some height adjustable desks come with a lower shelf for a keyboard and mouse. This way the user can properly position computer accessories to his or her specific needs. On most designs, there are attached casters, or wheels, so the desk can be easily maneuvered around the office. Make sure your workplace has the right tools for your employees. Shop all our ergonomic office furniture today and save with low, wholesale prices.

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