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Food Truck Displays and Furnishings that Cater to Your Customers

Browse sign holders, write-on boards, tables, and more for all your food truck display needs

There's no doubt that food trucks have become more prevalent in recent years. Part of the reason for their growth in popularity is due to an increase in consumer demand for quick and inexpensive meal options that arrive on wheels. Reality TV has also played a part because there are new shows dedicated entirely to the topic, like Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race" and "Food Truck Face Off". However, perhaps the biggest reason for the surge in street vending popularity is that the owner/operator can spend less and get more out of a mobile kitchen than a traditional restaurant. The best part is that your customers can still get a great deal even while you streamline your earnings. Street vendors are renowned for experimentation and fusion food, often displaying unique daily specials on their menu boards. Now that we have established that food trucks are very popular and understand why, let's think about some ways to make your "restaurant on wheels" the best it can be! On this page, you'll find our curated selection of high-quality food truck displays that are sure to grab the attention of customers and increase your bottom line. Shop anything from custom printed banners and flags to sidewalk signs, condiment dispensers, and write-on menu boards!

Menu Boards and Sign Displays for Food Trucks, Street Carts, and Mobile Kitchens

Food truck customers lining up next to a sidewalk sign

Whether it's every grilled cheese variety imaginable or just simple hot dogs, every food truck has its specialty. Regardless of what you sell, you have to make sure that customers know what you are offering. Food truck displays in the form of flags and banners provide high visibility to attract hungry patrons. While most rolling restaurants feature their name or pun-filled brand painted brightly on the side, the name doesn't always explain what's actually on the menu. Some carts serve classic Americana, like burgers, fries, and shakes, but others offer authentic Mexican burritos. To make sure your mobile kitchen stands out from the rest, you'll want to add a custom feather flag or hanging banner that explains the fare you offer. You can also do this with sidewalk signs and sandwich boards. Here, you'll find designs that feature write-on surfaces or hold pre-printed posters. Any of these food truck displays will allow you to customize signage to your specifications.

So you've successfully educated prospective customers on the types of foods you offer from a distance, but what will you do now once they're standing in line?

Street food vendors offer a fast and fun way to enjoy a meal while attending farmer's markets, art festivals, sidewalk fairs, and beach-related activities. But these outdoor activities are not limited to daytime hours. Cater to late-night revelers using LED illuminated food and bar displays that offer mesmerizing colors motivating patrons to spend more money!

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