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Showcasing products in salon retail displays makes a shop’s retail merchandise readily available to clients. By displaying these beauty products in accessible areas of a parlor or spa, shop owners encourage customers to browse and potentially make purchases while they are in for an appointment. If a hairdresser or beauty professional recommends a certain salon product to a client during an appointment there is a good chance the customer will purchase that product, trusting the professional’s advice! Why not take advantage of this opportunity for increase sales by displaying beauty products on fixtures like shelves, tables, or racks? For salon owners, there is a huge amount of potential revenue to be generated from in-store merchandise sales - all you have to do is display it on attractive salon store fixtures!

A wide variety of hair salon retail displays are readily available for your spa, no matter the space, size, style, or décor. Common kinds of salon product fixtures include countertop bins, floor standing racks, shelving, nesting tables, wall mounted holders, and even hanging window displays! It’s all about setting your store apart from the crowd and reinforcing a feeling of beauty and elegance for your customers, while also making merchandise readily available for them to purchase. For nail spas, countertop or wall mounting fixtures are perfect for holding small bottles of polish. Additionally, countertop dump bins are great for manicure and pedicure items like nail files, clippers, and buffers! Shelves, nesting tables, and other floor standing models hold can hold a wide array of shampoos, conditioners, and other hair products. Hair salon owners can line walls with this kind of retail shelving or use the units as partitions in store fronts. A salon window display is also an awesome way to catch the attention of customers. Signs hanging in windows advertise the special services offered at the spa, promote the goods sold there, and even let the public know that the establishment is open!

The right beauty product stands and displays for your spa are all here for you! Find hair, nails, makeup, and other beauty displays in a variety of shapes, materials, finishes, colors, and sizes. Your business is sure to shine with these special fixtures and equipment!

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